Saturday, 5. December 2020
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Active Mallorca! The island’s best routes in winter (I)


Mallorca in winter allows you to enjoy the many trails, for all levels, which are to be found both in the Tramuntana Mountains, Mallorca’s main mountain range, as well as in other places on the island.


Some trails such as the Dry Stone Route (GR 221) or the Artà-Lluc Route (GR 222) are well signposted, classic and accessible, but there are hidden gems in the Tramuntana Mountains and other places on the island that we would like you to discover. 


Depending on what the plan for your holiday may be, or if you are just on a Sunday excursion, in Mallorca you will find a route that’s right for you. That's why today we would like to recommend some of the best and most accessible routes to enjoy with your family.

1. Castell d'Alaró.

This is an excursion which is suitable for the whole family and for all levels, lasting about 5 hours, and which you can pleasantly finish with a good meal at the top of the castle. Could you find a better reward? 


You can also start or finish the route in Alaró, and so you can get to know this town which lies in the foothills of the Tramuntana. The excursion also has cultural significance, since Alaró castle was built for military purposes and served as a residence for the island’s conquerors.


There is evidence of its existence since 902 and it has also been a place of worship since a chapel was created in 1622. It is one of Mallorca’s three rock castles, declared a Place of Cultural Interest in 1931, and is situated in an exceptional location for its views. You can find more information here. d'Alaró.jpg


2. The Cúber reservoir, the underwater "territory"


Have you ever seen it snow in Mallorca? If you are lucky enough to coincide with one of the years when the snow settles and stays for a few days, it is a good time to take the car and start the route towards Cúber.


This is a mountain route which is not hugely demanding but has great rewards, such as the panoramic view you will find. In 1988 the Balearic Government bought the property from the Magraner Foundation and today it has become one of the most visited natural areas in the Tramuntana Mountains.





3. Isolate yourself inside the island: the sa Dragonera Natural Park



Sa Dragonera is a practically virgin islet, located to the west of the island. Due to its conservation interest, it has great biological, ecological and scenic value.


It can be reached by private boat or through different companies that provide transport from Sant Elm and Port Andratx, and once there you can take various itineraries, all equally beautiful:


Itinerary from na Miranda

Itinerary from Tramuntana lighthouse

Itinerary from Viejo lighthouse to na Pòpia

Itinerary from Llebeig lighthouse



   Further information on the town here