Tuesday, 22. September 2020
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[CANCELLED] "Dissabtes de PAM a PAM", an itinerant market in Porreres, Algaida & Montuïri

First, second & third Saturday of every month


Three villages, Porreres, Algaida and Montuïri, and the same objective: to promote varieties and proximity agro-food products as an alternative complement to the conventional market, and promote and enhance local crafts at the same time.


This is the leitmotiv of the campaign Dissabtes de PAM a PAM, the itinerant and proximity market among Porreres, Algaida and Montuïri.

Ecological, agro-food and local craft products, in the new itinerant market "Dissabtes de PAM a PAM" in Algaida, Porreres and Montuïri


This new market will be held the first (Porreres), second (Algaida) and third (Montuïri) Saturday every month, starting in March, coinciding with the arrival of spring.


The market will have from 8 to 10 stands, depending on the time of year or the celebration of some extraordinary activity: "In each village we will organize events or parallel activities such as music, educational or cultural proposals, in order to further enrich this market", pointed out the Mayoress of Algaida, Maria Antònia Mulet, during the presentation.

The itinerant market "Dissabtes de PAM a PAM" will offer, apart from all these activities, varieties and proximity agro-food products, as well as local crafts. Francisca Mora, Mayoress of Porreres, pointed out that this market on Saturdays among the three municipalities "is a dream that comes true". Joan Verger, Mayor of Montuïri, added that "this market is made in three municipalities of the Pla de Mallorca in order to attract people to the towns but also to the region so that visitors can appreciate the variety we have in the Pla."

And this market is also intended to encourage the local market and make the market accessible to all those who for work reasons can not attend the weekly market that the three municipalities celebrate during the week. Furthermore, for the organization of the market the organizers have entrusted artisan wooden stalls that will be the same in each municipality, which will unify the image in each village.

Furhtermore, it should be noted that in order to carry out the task of setup and dismantling the market, Nartha, a socially responsible company, has been hired to promote the integration and employment of people with disabilities.



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