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Spring in Mallorca


The sun brights higher. The daylight saving time starts. The breeze begins to be warm and the villages awake. Spring comes to Mallorca and with it comes an attitude change. Also comes the joy as well the desire to go out into the street. The warmth of the Mediterranean climate begins to shine at the end of March. The good weather kisses the island and with it a special energy fills its nooks.


Spring is time of fairs. Traditionally, farmers, breeders, artisans and merchants moved to nearby villages to publicize their work and sell their products taking advantage of the pleasant weather of the new season. Following this tradition, today we can find in Majorca events of great magnitude such as “Dijous Gros”, in Inca or the fairs of Manacor, Muro or Santa Maria, all of them multitudinous and with a great variety of offerings, colors and flavors.


But in the last decades the concept of fair has been refined and each municipality seeks to endow their own with a special charm, giving prominence to something with which they feel identified. For example, the potato has its own fair in Sa Pobla, salt and saltings are protagonists in Colonia de Sant Jordi as well as Tramuntana herbs in Selva. Costitx dedicates the first day of May to the flowers, while Binissalem organizes a fair around the world of the stone.


Even the district of Es Pil·larí in Palma has its own fair dedicated to the local bagel of the capital with the “Fira des Llonguet”.


Animals are also prominent in these spring fairs and several of them organize breed competitions. At the fair in Calvià, sheep and goats are the life of the party. The Campos fair is also known as the cow fair, the Mallorcan black pig focuses attention on the cattle fair of Son Carrió and snails are the main characters in Sant Jordi.


Although the food is very important, Mallorca also hosts in spring several events dedicated to the drink and wine. The biggest event takes place during the Wine Days Mallorca, which for ten days organizes activities in the wineries and villages of the D.O. Binissalem.


The largest concentration of Mallorcan wines is at the Pollença wine fair, while in the Tramuntana mountain range, the village of Estellencs organizes a small event around wine and cheese when May arrives.


The fairs are not the only events that stand out in the Mallorcan spring. The beginning of this season is marked in the calendar with the festivities of Easter week. During these days, dozens of processions cross the towns of Mallorca with Biblical scenes of the Passion of Christ.


 Solemn acts among which are the processions of Holy Thursday in Palma, the spectacular descent of Pollença only illuminated by the light of the candles, the very ancient “Solemnissima Procession” of the Good Friday in Sineu or the theatrical shows of the passion of Christ in Felanitx and Sant Joan .


The sobriety of the processions contrasts with the joy of the “pancaritats”: This is the name of shared lunches between the neighbors of the towns, usually celebrated in a local hermitage, where delicacies of the holy week like “panades”, “Robiols” or “crespells” are enjoyed. In May, one of Majorca’s most celebrated fiestas, “Es firó”, takes place in Sóller, a simulacrum that recalls how this town of Tramuntana fought a pirate attack in the 16th century.

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