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Veggie-friendly Mallorca: Three traditional dishes without meat.



“Sobrasada”, “camaiot”, “panades”, “ensaimada”, “botifarró”, “frit mallorquí”...  meat has the main role in Mallorcan gastronomy.


However, it is possible to find traditional dishes in the island's recipes without a pinch of meat. Vegetables of Mallorcan fields are tasty enough.


Here we give some information about three meat-free dishes, essential for all Mallorcan people who want to take a vegetarian diet or simply enjoy a light but nutritious meal.




The trempó is the most characteristic dish of the Mallorcan summer and one of the simplest to elaborate. Tomato, Mallorcan white pepper, and white onion are the only ingredients of this refreshing dish.


These are chopped and mixed, creating a new and colorful dish dominated by the colors red, green and white, which refer to the colors of the Mallorcan Siurell. The final touch of the trempó is a simple dressing of oil and salt, which finishes one of the easiest dishes to prepare of Mallorcan gastronomy.


Its name derives from the verb "trempar", which in mallorquin means “to dress”. Trempó should not be confused with a salad. It is a summer dish with its own personality, which is usually taken as a single dish or accompanied by a "pa amb oli".


Still, there are many who venture to alter the trempó recept with more ingredients: tuna, olives, apricot, apple, beet ... are just some of the possible additions, but many mallorcan peolpe will deny that the dish still deserves the name of “trempó”.





Many dishes of Mallorcan cuisine are really inexpensive. If the trempó stands out for its simplicity, the tumbet is born as a result of the explotaition of ochard’s excess. Potatoes, aubergines, zucchini, green and red peppers, tomato sauce ... compose this delicacy that can be served cold, warm, as a single dish or as garnish.


Its ingredients, its aroma and its flavor are related to dishes such as the French ratatouille or the Italian ciambotta and caponatta. A good tumbet keeps a few secrets. The first one is that their ingredients should be fried separately (with the exception of tomato and garlic to make the sauce), sliced ​​and over medium heat.


The second is the "greixonera", the traditional Mallorcan clay pot, where all ingredients are poured, starting with a base of potatoes, a layer of aubergines and zucchini and another with the fried peppers, all covered with homemade tomato sauce . Five minutes in greixonera in the fire will be enough to give the final touch to the plate



Sopes Mallorquines (Mallorcan soups):


Sopes mallorquines are another star dish of the island's gastronomy. Despite the name of soup, this dish does not contain broth. It contains bread, specifically Mallorcan bread, cut into thin slices. Because Sopes mallorquines are another example of the use of food, in this case the bread of the previous day.


Sopes mallorquines are not a strictly vegetarian dish, but in its "summer" version does not contain meat, because the goal is to make a dish that facilitates a light digestion. Styr-fried tomatoes , browned onion and cooked cabbage will form the base of the soup, to which aromatic ingredients such as parsley, paprika or salt will be added.


On this basis add water, which must be allowed to cook to create a broth.  Part of this will be poured in a greixonera. This is where bread comes into action, which will absorb the broth and its aromas and will soften. Then just add the vegetable and mix them all.




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