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Costitx is a small municipality located in the center of Mallorca, in the Pla de Mallorca region.


It is bordered by the villages of Sencelles, Sineu, Inca and Lloret de Vistalegre. Its population slightly exceeds the 1,200 inhabitants and its name comes from the Latin Costes since the town is located on a small hill. It was a part of Sencelles until the middle of the 19th century.


The economy of Costitx has been traditionally agricultural, it has small iron and wood craftsmen, but lately, it has been trying to attract the "eco" and rural tourism. The Costitx bulls are the most iconic element of the town, but it also has an astronomical observatory as a reference point.


Regarding the town's festivities, the flowering fair Costitx en Flor is a must-see: it is held every 1st of May, and the town is decorated with huge floral compositions. The town's patron festivities re held at the beginning of September on the occasion of the Mare de Déu and they also celebrate Sant Antoni and Sant Sebastià.


Costitx's weekly market takes place every Saturday.


  • Mare de Déu Feasts in Costitx

    Mare de Déu Feasts in Costitx

    Costitx celebrates its patron saint festivities during the first half of September on the occasion of the nativity of the Virgin. These are festivities full of activities for adults and children, such as ...

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