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Llucmajor is the largest municipality in Mallorca and the most populated of the Migjorn region.


The municipality's population has 34,000 inhabitants, a third part of which live in the town of Llucmajor, while the rest are spread over more than fifteen urban centres. S'Arenal, with almost 9,000 inhabitants, is the second most populated village. Llucmajor borders with Palma and the villages of Algaida, Montuïri, Porreres and Campos. Nowadays, the origin of the town's name is unclear, although some theories find an Arab root.


Tourism is currently the main economic source of the town, being s'Arenal, on the beach of Palma, the largest touristic town in Mallorca. The stone quarries also have had a historically relevant activity in Llucmajor.


The patron saint of Llucmajor is Santa Candida and the popular feasts are held at the beginning of August. Some highlights of this festival are the Llucmajor's gegants (giants) and the Cavallets cotoners, recovered at the beginning of the 20th century. Some other important events are Llucmajor's Autumn Fairs (October), Sant Antoni Festival and the sermon of s'Enganalla in Easter.





  • Sant Cristòfol Feasts in s'Arenal

    Sant Cristòfol Feasts in s'Arenal

    S'Arenal (Llucmajor) celebrates each year its patron saint's festivities in early July. The patron saint´s day, Sant Cristòfol, is on July 10th, and during the previous week, several activities take place in the village.

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  • Llucmajor summer festivals

    Llucmajor summer festivals

    During the month of July, there are several villages in the term of Llucmajor that celebrate their summer festivals. Days full of sports activities, children's entertainment...

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  • Weekly market in Llucmajor

    Weekly market in Llucmajor

    There are three days to visit Llucmajor's weekly market: on Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. A market that has been taken on importance over time...

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  • Employment fair in Llucmajor

    Employment fair in Llucmajor

    Llucmajor employment´s fair is a new initiative promoted by the employment area of Llucmajor´s town hall since 2017 that takes place in order to link companies and workers and to encourage ...

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  • Rutapa Llucmajor

    Rutapa Llucmajor

    Rutapa Llucmajor takes place every year with the participation of more than a dozen bars and restaurants, which prepare more than 20,000 tapas that are being served for over two days...

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  • Christmas Festivities in Llucmajor

    Christmas Festivities in Llucmajor

    Llucmajor celebrates Christmas with a complete program of activities. More than a month full of typical Christmas proposals (flea markets, concerts, craft workshops, lighting, Belenes, the arrival of Santa Claus and the Wise Men, etc.)...

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