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Manacor is the most important town in the Llevant region


Manacor is the capital of Llevant and one of the most populated towns of Mallorca. It borders with Felanitx to the south, Vilafranca de Bonany to the west, Petra to the north and Sant Llorenç des Cardassar to the east. The town has several urban centers, being the city of Manacor, Porto Cristo and S'Illot the most populated.


The total population of the town exceeds the barrier of 40,000 inhabitants. The origin of the name Manacor is not very clear, but the main theory suggests that it could have an Arabic origin.


The economy of Manacor is rich and varied. On one hand, the town received the tourism of its coastal villages. On the other hand, its furniture industry has been increased in the last few years.


The most important festivities of Manacor are celebrated for Sant Antoni and for Sant Jaume at the end of the spring and are also repeated in September.


Manacor has two weekly markets, on Monday and Saturday, while Porto Cristo celebrates its market on Sunday and S'Illot on Saturday.


  • Fair of Used Vehicles in Manacor

    Fair of Used Vehicles in Manacor

    Around 500 vehicles are annually exhibited at the Fair of Used Vehicles in Manacor, which takes place at the Polygon of Manacor and it is organized by the Association of Metal Industries of Manacor...

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  • Manacor September Fair

    Manacor September Fair

    For twenty years, Manacor says goodbye to the summer season with the September fair. One of the first autumn fairs in Mallorca, but also one of the most ambitious. ...

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  • Theatre Festival in Manacor

    Theatre Festival in Manacor

    Manacor has a special taste for theater, that´s why Manacor Theater Fair, with more than twenty editions, is a must in the Mallorcan events' calendar for all theater lovers....

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