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Porreres is one of the largest and most populated towns in the Pla de Mallorca region.


Currently, there are more than 5,000 inhabitants. It borders with villages such as Montuïri, Sant Joan, Felanitx, Campos and Vilafranca. Porreres receives its name from a Catalan gentleman who participated in the conquest of Mallorca: Guillem de Porrera, being Porrera a town in the Priorat region of Tarragona, now quite smaller than Porreres.


This knight received some of the lands and farms that are part of the current municipality. Porreres has been an agricultural town for years, since its lands allow the cultivation of wheat, almonds, vines, and its star fruit: the apricot, which has its own fair.


Porreres celebrates its popular festivities for Sant Roc, in mid-August. Recently, Porreres stands out for the concerts celebrated in the park of n'Hereveta, with the presence of renowned artists. His patrons are San Juan Bautista and San Juan Evangelista. Among other festivals, Porreres highlights the celebration of the music fair, the ecological day, the autumn fair and the Monti-Sion festivity.


The weekly market of Porreres is celebrated every Tuesday, mostly on the Plaça de la Vila.


  • Monti-sion Festivity in Porreres

    Monti-sion Festivity in Porreres

    When Easter arrives, the Monti-sion oratory becomes the preferred place of pilgrimage for the porrerencs. Some of the most typical activities of Easter times in Majorca are celebrated those days...


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