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Ses Salines


Ses Salines is close to some of Mallorca's most popular beach, Es Trenc


The old salinas (salt mines) that are part of this area of the south of Mallorca name the village, that includes also Colònia Sant Jordi. This town stands out for its avenues, eclectic buildings and the church of Sant Bartomeu.


If this town is very visited it is mainly thanks to its magnificent nearest beaches and coves. Sa Platja des Port, as well as Es Dolç, Es Estanys, Es Carbó and Ses Roquetes, are some of them. However, the idyllic image of the south of Mallorca is associated with Es Trenc, a large beach with white sand and clear water. It is also accessible from Colonia Sant Jordi to get to the island of Cabrera, a natural protected area perfect for diving and snorkeling.


The salt mines of Sa Vall and Colònia Sant Jordi are the second oldest ones in the world (4th century BC) since its exploitation was initiated by the Punic merchants. Salt continued to be the main interest for Romans, Byzantines, Arabs, and Christians. Its extraction is still carried out today with traditional methods during the month of August.


  • Ses Salines Hunting Exhibition

    Ses Salines Hunting Exhibition

    The Ses Salines Hunting Exhibition, organized by the Hunters Society of Ses Salines and Colònia Sant Jordi and the Town Hall of Ses Salines, has as its main activity the Partridge Claim Balearic Championship...

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  • Sant Jordi Feasts in Colònia Sant Jordi

    Sant Jordi Feasts in Colònia Sant Jordi

    Every year during the month of April, the Colònia de Sant Jordi wins its patron saint, Sant Jordi. For more than a week, the town programs various activities such as exhibitions, concerts, drawing and photography competitions, among others.

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