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Christmas in Majorca: a tradition not to miss



When Christmas time comes to Majorca, markets, lights, Bethelms, festivities, slaughters, traditions start to show up...


Mallorca, as an island with a culture of roots, celebrates Christmas in a way that anybody can't miss, neither the locals nor tourists or visitors.


 Fires i Festes de Mallorca offers here an overview of Christmas in Mallorca, from the oldest traditions that have been deeply rooted to nowadays.

The lighting of Palma's lights, which traditionally takes place at the beginning of December, marks Christmas begining in the island. Families usually go to the capital in order to attend this show, which is usually accompanied by circus or dance activities on the street.


It is also a tradition to drink a hot chocolate in some of the bars in the streets of the historic center of Palma before or after taking a walk into the Christmas and Wise Men Palma Fair, which usually occupies a large part of the center: from Plaza Mayor, the Rambla, via Roma or the Plaza de España to Porta Pintada Square.


Definitely, when Christmas time arrives to town, Palma becomes a shopping center, workshops, shows and other activities for children, young people and adults.


Another of the traditions of these dates is to visit one of the numerous Bethlems that exist in both Palma and the villages. One of the oldest betlems that we can find in the capital, and in Mallorca, is the one in the Església de la Sang, which has its origins around 1480.


On the other hand, one of the funniest betlems can be seen in the Town Hall builiding of Palma, where you can find miniatures representing scenes from Majorcan life.



More and more solidarity and responsible consumption in Christmas in Mallorca 


For some time now, Christmas in Mallorca has a more participative, responsible and awareness face. As an initiative of the councils (or with the collaboration of these) and associations, these traditionally "compulsory purchase" dates are gradually becoming a tradition of more responsible and supportive consumption.


For example, in Palma, with the Christmas campaign of recent years "Palma, our commitment", the Town Hall wants to value the "pride of the city". In this way, the aim is to promote, and especially during these dates, a more sustainable city, promoting public transport and recycling, at the same time as it promotes responsible consumption, local product and proximity shopping.


And not only in the capital: also in the villages solidarity markets are increasingly emerging, especially the ones which promote reuse, responsible consumption and revaluation of crafty and handmade products. This is the case of "Christmas Market Alaró" or "Nadal-fet-a-mà" in Sineu, among others.





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