Wednesday, 20. October 2021
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Eel Gastronomic Fair in sa Pobla




If you talk about food in sa Pobla when Sant Antoni Festival is coming, you will be suggested to think of a main ingredient: the eel. This typical fish from the area of s'Albufera is the protagonist of the typical Santantonian cuisine and of the Eel Gastronomic Fair, which takes place every year within the framework of the festivities of Sant Antoni in sa Pobla.


It already has around a dozen editions, and that is why this gastronomic sample of the eel has become popular not only among the poblerins, but also attracts a large number of visitors. It usually lasts two weeks around the dates of Sant Antoni (January 17), during which you can taste the best dishes made with the star ingredient of this festivity: the eel.



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