Thursday, 12. December 2019
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Greek Midsummer Night's Shipwreck in Cala Sant Vicenç



The event includes a fair, with an exhibition and handicraft market, organized by the Association of Artisans of Polllença and twinned with the Talayotic Days: the Midsummer Night's Fair, a market aiming to bring the craftsmanship of the Prehistoric Era to the 21st century's public.


The fair is accompanied by workshops of historical recreation for the whole family and informative stands to spread the word about the legacy of Mallorcan prehistory. It is celebrated in Cala Barques and Cala San Vicenç and the Town Hall of Pollença, the Neighborhood Association of Cala San Vicenç, Onita, and Naufragi a la Gimnèssia Major are also involved.

   Further information on the town here