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Algaida is one of the largest municipalities in the Pla de Mallorca region.


It has more than 5,300 inhabitants that are distributed in three urban centres: Algaida, Pina and Randa. It borders Palma to the west, as well as the municipalities of Montuiri, Llucmajor, Santa Eugenia, Sencelles and Lloret de Vistalegre. Algaida is a village that inherits its name from a farmhouse settled in the area during Arab times and means "the forest".


For many years, their economic activity was basically agricultural, but craftsmanship became more important during the last century. Algaida currently stands out, among other things because of its blown glass factory, its cycle-tourism routes and its restaurants.


The patron saint of Algaida is Sant Honorat and its festivity is notable for the dances of the Algaida cossiers, which were already present in the 14th century. Mestre Joan, Els reis, L' obriu-nos, Flor de murta, Dansa nova, Mercansó and Titoieta are the names of the dances of the cossiers.


The cossiers also perform in the summer during the celebration of Sant Jaume festivities. Other outstanding festivals are the carnival (with the trial of Camestortes) and the Festa de la Pau de Castellitx.


The weekly market of Algaida is held on Friday in the main square and in Pina it is held on Tuesday, also in the square.



  • Summer Festival in Pina

    Summer Festival in Pina

     Every year the village of Pina celebrates its summer festival on the first Sunday of July. During a weekend, this town celebrates the arrival of good weather by dressing up ...

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  • Algaida's fair

    Algaida's fair

    Every October, the Saturday before Sant Lluc Day, Algaida celebrates its traditional fair. It is an event in which we can find a good sample of agri-food products and crafts as well as a ...

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  • Pina's Fair

    Pina's Fair

    The Pina Fair is one of the most recent September fairs. Held in the middle of the month, it is notable for including in its program a exhibition of artisan and gastronomic products...

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  • Summer Festivities in Randa

    Summer Festivities in Randa

    During he last week of August, the village of Randa, in the municipality of Algaida, celebrates its summer fetivities. For a few days, all kinds of activities such as concerts, parades, walks and dinners are organized with the aim of twining people and having fun...

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  • Local shopping: "Jo compr al meu poble" (Algaida)

    Local shopping: "Jo compr al meu poble" (Algaida)

    "Jo compr al meu poble" is the slogan of the Spring Campaign to support local commerce promoted by the Department of Economic Promotion of the City Council of Algaida along with the Trade and Enterprise Association of Algaida, Pina and Randa...

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  • Algaida May Fair

    Algaida May Fair

    At the end of May, the town of Algaida celebrates its fair. It is a nice event, organized by the Town Council of Algaida, the Associació d’Artesans Algaida Pina i Randa and Associació de Comerç i Empresa...

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  • Algaida associations festival

    Algaida associations festival

    The festival of the Algaida associations is an initiative created by the committee of citizen participation of the municipality with the aim of recognizing the work of the associations ...

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