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Andratx is the most eastern village of Mallorca and it is located in the southeast extreme of the Serra de Tramuntana.


Its population is over 10,800 inhabitants and it is distributed in different urban nucleus. Andratx borders with Estellencs and Calvià, as well as the Mediterranean Sea. Among the urban centers, the town of Andratx and its port are the most remarkable. Together they have most of the population.


It is also worth mentioning places like Sant Elm coast, Camp de Mar and the village of s'Arracó, located on the edge of the mountain. The Isle of Sa Dragonera, a natural park since 1995, is a must-see of the coast of Andratx. The most accepted theory about the origin of the Andratx name is in the Latin word antra, which means 'cave'.


Andratx is a village whose economic activity is mainly touristic. Many national and international personalities have visited the main town and the port. In fact, Andratx is one of the Mallorcan villages with a big amount of foreign residents.


The role of agriculture is very discreet today, although there are almonds, figs, oranges, and lemons. Fishing, nowadays, is a recreational activity while the industry is practically non-existent.


Regarding the fiestas of Andratx the highlights are Sant Pere´s festivities, Sant Elm´s festivities with the mock of the Moros y Cristianos or the Art Night of s'Arracó. Andratx's main fair is celebrated the first weekend of April.




  • Andratx's Fair

    Andratx's Fair

    At the beginning of April, Andratx celebrates its most important event: The Andratx’s Fair, an event that has been celebrated for more than thirty years...

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  • Feria de Abril in Andratx

    Feria de Abril in Andratx

    At the end of April, Andratx dresses up to celebrate its own "Feria de Abril" (April Fair). A great party that brings the joy and taste of Andalucia to the town...


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  • Weekly market in Andratx

    Weekly market in Andratx

    The weekly market in Andratx is celebrated in this town every Wednesday. It has more than 200 stands, distributed throughout the village, among which you will find a wide...

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  • Sant Pere Festivities in Andratx

    Sant Pere Festivities in Andratx

    The village of Andratx celebrates each year its patron saint festivities on the day of Sant Pere, on 29 June. As the festivities coincides with the arrival of summer, the celebrations are held throughout the month of June with dinners

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  • Sant Elm Feasts

    Sant Elm Feasts

    The first week of August, Sant Elm, a village located in Andratx, celebrates its patron saint festivities in honor of Santa Catalina Tomas. The festivities, full of cultural and sporting activities...

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  • S'Arracó Feasts

    S'Arracó Feasts

    S'Arracó celebrates its summer festivities at the end of August and the beginning of September, and does so in honor of San Agustín and the Mare de Déu de la Trapa...

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  • Bargain Market in Andratx

    Bargain Market in Andratx

    Clothing, shoes, accessories and much more is what you can find at the Andratx’s Bargain Market, an event that was held for the first time in 2016. Many shops in the village sell...

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  • Flowers market in Andratx

    Flowers market in Andratx

    Every year during the last days of October, Andratx organizes the Flower Market. During the mornings, several flower-filled stalls fill the Plaza España of the village. ...

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  • "Viu el Nadal" in Andratx

    "Viu el Nadal" in Andratx

    "Viu el Nadal" is a group of Christmas activities organized by the City Council of Andratx.

    From the beginning of December until the "King´s day festivity, the program of "Viu el Nadal" includes typical activities of these dates, such as Christmas markets...

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