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Lloseta is a municipality located in the center of Es Raiguer region


Alaró, Mancor, Selva, Inca and Binissalem are some of the villages that border with Lloseta. The origin of the name of the town goes back to the Mozarabic word Llosada, although other theories suggest that the origin could be Latin. Lloseta was administratively part of Binissalem until the mid-nineteenth century. Currently, its population is around 5,700 inhabitants.


Lloseta has historically had a varied economic activity. The agricultural activity (almonds, carob trees, olive trees) gave place to the industrial activity, thanks in part to the railway connection. Footwear, pastry, teles de llengües or cement are among the typical products of Lloseta.


Lloseta is known for the romeria des Cocó, one of the most visited in the center of the island during Easter time. The patron saint feasts (Mare de Déu) are held on September 8. On the other hand, another important event on the town is the Shoe and Artisan Fair, which highlights the local industry.


The weekly market of Lloseta is celebrated on Saturday.


  • Patronal Feasts in Lloseta

    Patronal Feasts in Lloseta

    Lloset's festivities are celebrated the first week of the month of September, to commemorate Virgin Mary’s nativity on September 8th. During the previous week, the ...

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