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The small towns of Sencelles are a great tourist attraction

Sencelles is located in the center of the island, 25 km from Palma. It is made up of small and sparsely populated villages, which are a great attraction for tourists.


In fact, in Sencelles you can see the concept of "town of towns" since the term of Sencelles includes the populations of Ruberts, Jornets, Cascanar, Sonarrossa, and Biniali. These towns are the last places where you can see the rural and traditional architecture of Mallorca. Before the lands were healthy due to the agricultural activity, mainly the cultivation of wine, but a plague in the late nineteenth century made them depopulate.


The Talayotic era has left many remains in the village, the most important Talayotic settlement of Son Fred. Another of the most important places in the area is the historical center of Ruberts, a small village that was agrarian and is located on a hill, with irregular paths.